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Exercising a US CITIZEN's, John Rohner's, Civil Right to "free speech". Just as the "supposed" corporate web sites did. Moreover it provides information for the GOOD people that DARED to dream to help the planet and the world who now mourn the loss of Inteligentry. (TRUE SEC "VICTIMS".

Don't WORRY " Plasmic Transition Is Not DEAD!, It is very much alive, outside the USA, Multinationall and bigger than before.
NOW MANY are developing the technology, in THEIR OWN Labs outside the USA.


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Here is a book that fits both Mr Trump and the SEC!!!!
SATANIC VERSES!!! It will get you into their HEAD.
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Inteligentry Operating Statement May 2011 to March 3 2013

INCOME investments $844,000.00

licenses $300,000.00
COSTS Rent $103,000.00

loans $351,000.00

Employee Wages $370,000.00
TOTAL INCOME $1,495,000.00

Utilities $57,000.00

loans to empl $149,314.00

SUB 1 Bus. EXPENSE $679,314.00
TOTAL COSTS $1,471,314.00

Parts $190,000.00

DIFFERENCE $23,686.00

supplies $130,000.00

misc $12,000.00
UNPAID WAGES -$1,819,583.
SUB 2 Mat. EXPENSE $332,000.00

W/O Rohner $434,583.

in bank $210,000.00
REAL Total

shows etc $250,000.00

SUB 3 COSTS & ESCROW $460,000.00



     CASH IN THE BANK = $210,000
     ASSETS Taken by FBI properly accounted for $2,257,000
     ASSETS Taken by SEC UNREPORTED and improperly accounted $150,000
     Assets lost to failure to pay storage fees $35,000.
     NO DEBITS....

     Total asset Valuation as of March 7, 2013 is $2,652,000 TWO MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND FIFTY TWO.

     A GROWTH of over 100%.. Now EXPLAIN how that was done and Anyone "mis used" funds?
     Also Remember that there was NO COMPLAINT from any Inteligentry Investor. NONE.

     SO considering we were within the Nevada Legal Corporate rules How did the SEC simply CRUSH this STARTUP?

     The WHOLE STORY, nearly 5 years, is chronicled, document by document at Inteligentry.com
lots to read.. AND there is an appeal going to happen on Behalf of Rohner & the Investors or any other "interested" Group.


     Here we will look at:
     The starting Complaint, "Start/SEC's Complaint" which the SEC got wrong and had to "UPGRADE".
     Then Rohner's answer "Start/Rohner's answer" as he was confused, having had 2 lawyers set things up and one that collected the money, under Nevada Law, somehow missed by the SEC.
     Then we will look at the "END/Dispersal" the "supposed" valuation & dispersion created by the SEC's employee, Contracted to the court as the "receiver",
     Then we will look at the "Rohner's ORDER" "Final Judgment" for Rohner which has many SE Manufacturered FACTS
     Then a very interesting "Corporate ORDER" "Final Judgment" that is total perjury and lies for the Corporations judgment, yup the same ones the court dropped in December 2014 and now hilariously represented as "agreeing to" the package of false information presented.
     Then we have a "ERRORS" where we provide all the FAKE FACTS and Manufactured information that the SEC produced to get these thru. These orders are written by the SEC.
     AND FINALLY WE HAVE A "CONTACTS" page so people can get more information on the Technology that this court has made illegal in the USA.
   For those of you unaware of the Technology and wish to know what is illegal, now in the USA, all you need to do is look up in a storm and see "lightning". Some of you may know of the way us "farm" kids were taught to know how far it was away. Simple as pie. When you see the light you start counting seconds, one thousand one,..., when you hear the thunder you know it is whatever count you got in miles away. Nearly everyone, except the SEC lawyer and the US District Court Judge, probably knows this. That is what the court, with SEC PUSH has made FRAUD.. WITHOUT any intelligent debate except one SEC lawyer that has no background and a man that after seeing an engine run invested $500,000 more into what he calls "fraud". Somehow someone dumb enough to Invest a million dollars, or so, in something he knows is FRAUD makes a man smart. But Dr. Michael Girouard spent about a Million dollars of his "Lets Get thin MD" investors money Knowing this, supposedly. We have a sworn statement to this FACT! And evidently the SEC's Learned Lawyer does not know better either. HE AGREES.
     The energy and such that causes the "Thunder" is what we are developing, in a captured environment, to create power and convert this to make an engine.
     The university of Missouri, and many others, ave proven this theory.
     We have shown an engine running to a "partner" (Girouard) in Iowa that grabbed the company and has invested over half a million more into it, (before he kicked Rohner out).
     It is that greedy man, who also is addicted to his own medicine pills, and his, now Rohner's former company "PlasmERG, Inc" of Iowa that stand to reap all the assets and funds removed from the Inteligentry investors by the SEC. You will notice the SEC interchanges these PlasmERG entities (NV & IA) to create chaos and channel assets.
     So go read and laugh as this whole case is a joke on the US Taxpayer and the world. Several million Tax Payer Dollars spent to give a multi millionaire a few bucks. FYI he still can not make an engine that runs.. POOR Baby even with his CEI connections. (CEI has raised since 1983 and spent over 18 million trying to do what Rohner can and paying each other over $250,000 a year in Salaries).



     Judge Richard F. Boulware, II has ruled that the case is done.

    RULES: That the Developing Technology and Natural "LIGHTNING" are fraud.

     NO Plasma TECHNOLOGY can be developed in the USA, No Matter how Important it is." .

     Rohner had complied with the SEC's, and Judges, Illegal request & order, to abridge Rohner's Constitutional rights and further "DISCRIMINATE" against him and the investors AND what the President asked for us to do,
by applying a "disclaimer" to each video
as follows:
"Per US District Court Judge Richard F. Boulware, II Las Vegas,"
Development of the Technology that makes "Lightning" work is FRAUD.
Thus, By US Court order: -- "Jurisdiction" is USA only,
There will be no development of any "plasma" engine or device.
This video is not to be watched by US CITIZENS."

     Judge Richard F. Boulware, II has ruled that there will be NO Jury trial.

     SO without any proof of any fact of any of the SECs alleged UNPROVEN complaints the Inteligentry Investors will be raped of all assets, funds, and ANY use of of their derived technology,      (now illegal to pursue by anyone in the USA)

     Unlike what we were all taught was our RIGHT that we were "INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY" We just got judged guilty without any proof of any wrongdoing, EVEN the FBI dropped any actions, or allowed our right to defend ourselves in front of a Jury. The fear of the SEC showed to the end when they had the Corporations lawyer fired, and NOT PAID, took full control of the defendant (as the Plaintif?) JUST so they could "hurry things" up and get their False and Manufactured statements and data made. THIS IS THE REAL LEGAL SYSTEM?

     All proceeds will go to the Lying Dr. G, the actual client of the SEC in the SEC multimillion dollar (cost to taxpayers) case. As well as others who do not wish any alternative and ecologically correct inventions to succeed, even if the president of the USA asks for them.
     Evidently, the Judge, unlike the DOJ, FBI and investors, decided that the unfoundedlies of the SEC were so engrained in fact that the Investors and Defendants should not be allowed their constitutional right to have justice and truth provided by a Jury. To insure this, the Judge actually removed the Defendant Corporations Lawyer and assigned responsibility for them to the EMPLOYEE of the Plaintiff, the receiver, so the SEC can have their will..

     There is no question that had it gone to a jury the SEC would have looked foolish. Their high, TAXPAYER, paid consultant CPAs actually made grade school math errors. A REAL accounting is above.
     But the judge has now made new law. Now, if any one takes over a company by "Threatening the inventor with physical and legal pain" and grabs it, called "Hostile takeover" on wall street, He has the legal right to sue the ex company for any new endeavor and put them out of business and grab all their monies and assets. As happened here.

     This judge did this even after he specifically stated he "would not".. to Senator Grassley..
     This Case Is a prime example of why THIS JUDGE should not have been included: as President Obama Nominates him for this commission? NOT A MATCH TO ME!

Inteligentry Defendants WILL NOT be allowed
to prove their case IN FRONT OF A JURY!

It Might embarrass the SEC!!!

as we are all promised is the AMERICAN WAY!


     If you are tired of doing nothing and interested in enjoying life and being productive, contact: CAN I HELP?
     Resumes ARE being accepted, and phone numbers traded, so we can talk
and see what we can do for the world, together with other's from outside the USA..

WE ARE HIRING!! see this OR go to "http://www.atrnd.com" for
2018 project placement AND STAFFING details.


     SPECIAL NEWS: a NEW FOUNDATION has been, or is being, formed up to handle the Technology.
    It will work like the "Open" Linux Foundation as to providing it's members with CORRECT data and "licensed" manufacturing within a defined group sharing resources. It is hoped that this will reduce the cost of developing and using the technology to make it the "BEST" alternative for power creation and other uses.
    It is envisioned that the major manufacturers, like Ford, Fiat, GMC, Cummins, Mercury, Hyundai, Honda etc would make up the membership and provide engineers and board members. (A COMMON Cause).
    The Research and Development center will be open to all members. It also provides a single source for protecting the technology from misuse, per the Foundations board.
     IF INTERESTED respond to CAN I HELP?..
    The less it costs us to make it usable the more the advantage for our future at a easy to afford price!

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